Find gives you quick access to the best workspaces across your organization, so you can spend less time searching and more time collaborating.

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Together with Workplace Advisor Subscription and Microsoft Office 365, the Find app makes finding and reserving the best workspaces quick and simple. Whether you’re looking for a place to get focused on your own or collaborate with a group, Find quickly shows you what’s available and which amenities are present—from natural light to technology to whiteboards and more— minimizing the need to search for a space and saving you valuable time and energy.

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Find and Workplace Advisor Subscription

The Find app works in tandem with Workplace Advisor Subscription, RoomWizard and other digital signage solutions. Workplace Advisor Subscription empowers organization to measure the effectiveness of the workplace and improve it based on easy-to-understand, actionable data accessible through an online dashboard. Find utilizes the data collected by Workplace Advisor Subscription to provide information about available spaces and their amenities so you can find a space that best meets the needs of your work.

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