Interconnected, collaborative, inspirational.

A work environment designed to support people, the flow of information and enhance collaboration, cannot only help a company solve tough business problems, but build market share and stay competitive. We believe that the integration of architecture, furniture, and technology is essential to the future of the workplace.

In 70 years of providing individual interiors for businesses in any industry, we’ve built strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients, architects, and designers. Simply put, people trust us to bring the best to every project and to create amazing spaces that reflect and enhance the core values of their brand. Young Office Environments is a family-owned and operated business, with seven showrooms across North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Young Office’s method of working is through collaboration and teamwork with our clients and our staff. We always begin by becoming immersed in your business, taking the time to understand your needs and priorities, then we translate those needs into a structured, original product solution that reflects the values of your organization. Our gifted and accomplished designers are here to help breathe life, vibrancy, and efficiency into your space. From the most modern to the most traditional designs, we’ll work with you to whatever degree of collaboration you desire. We’re happy to work hand-in-hand, or we’ll “take it from here.” That’s entirely up to you.