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Inspired + Beautiful

Inspired + Beautiful


  • A broad range of rich material options: composite wood veneers, glass storage and modesty panels, metal paint finishes and fabrics create an array of aesthetic options
  • Elective Elements worksurfaces can be height adjusted (range of 3″ in ½” increments)
  • Worksurfaces come in a range of top shapes and edge profiles
  • Open office storage and layered worksurfaces provide piling surfaces for anticipated work
  • One-high lateral files specified with cushion tops maximize space and provide an alternative seating solution.
Elective Elements by Steelcase


Elective Elements by Steelcase

Steelcase and outside experts conducted countless hours of research and user-observation to learn more about the changing work landscape within the private office.

We studied how people work and identified new ways the work environment could better support the different ways they work.

Those insights provided both the inspiration and foundation for Elective Elements office workstations, making it an industry leader in addressing the changing workspace requirements in private and open plan offices.

Elective Elements by Steelcase

Modern office workstations should:

  • Enable a smooth workflow
  • Support guest workers
  • Maximize the efficiency of space
  • Create zones for different work modes
  • Provide privacy and control
  • Accommodate technology seamlessly
  • Encourage alternative postures
  • Make space personal
Elective Elements by Steelcase

For many, the image that comes to mind when thinking of a private office is a huge double-pedestal desk with a high-back chair, a credenza behind it and maybe a bookcase off to the side. That image hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years.

Private offices typically house the highest paid workers, and they usually allot more square footage per person than open plan. While many private offices have remained essentially unchanged for decades, the rest of the workplace has changed dramatically.

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