Careful planning is the key to any successful move.

Young Office makes your move as pleasant and stress free as possible, whether it is for a single office or an entire building. Moving to a new facility can be challenging and we are there every step of the way. Our process can get you back up and running with the least amount of down time.

Each move poses its own unique challenges, but there is one basic requirement that all successful moves have in common: careful pre-planning.

Our checklist will help you save time, money and frustration.

Choosing a moving firm.

We understand the price is often one of the determining factors. But before you make a decision you should evaluate your options and look beyond the written proposal.

  • Is the firm considered reliable? Check on the reputation and background of each bidder, customers and suppliers are good sources for referrals.
  • Will some of the work be subcontracted? If so, by whom? Why?
  • Are all the bidders qualified to handling moves similar in size and type as yours?
  • Do the proposals show exactly what is covered?
  • Does the firm have comprehensive insurance coverage? Is there an extra charge?
  • Will the moving company commit to a fixed fee?

Checking Building Rules, Regulations and Access.

  • Are there: Restrictions of access? Check your existing space and your new location.
  • Elevators and loading areas available at the time your mover will need them? Again, check both existing and new location.
  • Commitments from the contractor of your new space that everything will be completed 24 hours before you are scheduled to move in?
  • Instructions on whom to contact in case of an emergency? Or how to contact the fire department, the security, and elevator maintenance companies.

Setting the Move In Date.

  • The Contractors: the painters, carpet installers, electricians, plumbers, etc.
  • The Telephone Company: To keep your business running continuously, your communications system has to be installed, at least partially, before your furniture and computers arrive.
  • The Design Firm: They should prepare complete furniture layouts, including location of desks, files and workstations.
  • Systems furniture installers. We specializing in the tear down and re-installation of modular furniture systems.

A successful move requires a special blend of knowledge, skill and experience. Our customers receive a dedicated move coordinator that’s responsible for planning all aspects of their moves from start to finish.