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Young Office has an established reputation for quality and service in providing hospitality furniture solutions. With manufacturers around the world, we offer high quality products, competitive pricing, and global logistics reach.

Our product and service package offers exceptional value for your purchasing experience. We have delivered products to destinations ranging from small boutique hotels to some of the largest hotel franchises in North America.

We have assembled a team of top Project Managers and Designers who will provide you with service beyond compare, creating unique furniture and furnishing packages that set your establishment apart. In addition to standard products we offer custom furniture design services. We do business with recognized hotel franchises, meeting their specific design and construction standards for properties throughout North America. With 60 years of experience in the contract industry, Young Office has the knowledge and resources to fit your specific needs.

Young Office has a complete offering of hotel, motel, resort, dormitory hospitality and assisted living furniture.  Our proven quality, experience and commitment make our company an excellent choice for your hospitality project.  We strive to provide quality products that are both functional and comfortable with a competitive price.