How do you celebrate a team’s success when you’re taking a variety of roles into consideration? Teams thrive when everyone has a specific role fulfilled to the best of their ability. Our Workplace Advisors and Design Team are the ones that make the most contact with our customers during the process of designing their space, but there’s so much work that goes on behind the scenes to make a project successful.  

If you only had a team full of Workplace Advisors, the project would have to be outsourced to other companies to succeed in designing and furnishing a space. After a design is finalized, it’s passed through a whole team of professionals that bring it to life. To show their appreciation, the sales team hosted a Thank You Cookout yesterday, May 9th, to thank everyone that works “behind the scenes” to make all our installations possible! 

 Although the event was held in both Greenville and Asheville, we made sure to stay connected throughout the evening with our MediaScape, as we are one Young Office.



The cookout was such a great way to unwind from the workday! We had delicious food, a full bar, and a full-service ice cream truck courtesy of Pink Mama’s Ice Cream – YUM!

The evening wouldn’t be complete without some sort of game, so we played a classic game of bingo with a fun twist – 80’s music theme! The game was a hit and a perfect way to wrap up the fun-filled evening!

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