Lobby-Morgan Corp. Headquarters

Morgan Corp. Project Spotlight

When Morgan Corp. sought a partner to help design and furnish its new 28,000-sf corporate headquarters, they cast a wide…

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people working and collaborating in an open space with flex products and karman chair

The Hybrid Privacy Crisis

Even before the pandemic, people complained the open plan office was noisy and distracting and it wasn’t uncommon to hear…

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collage image of people using the steelcase karman chair while doing different activities

Go Beyond With Steelcase Karman

As the world spent countless hours on video calls throughout the pandemic, sitting in chairs of various quality, the Steelcase…

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Creating a More Hands-Free Workplace

How a suite of data-driven tools can help make the post-COVID workplace safer. Let’s face it. Our hands are germ-spreading…

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Remote Collaboration Blog

Strategies for Successful Remote Collaboration

Teams today suddenly find themselves isolated from one another, as they work remotely, often for the first time, unsure about…

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Active Learning Environments in our Community

Classrooms can be owned or shared, small or spacious, new or old. One thing they should always be is flexible.…

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biophilic design

Four Ways to Weave Nature into the Workplace

How biophilic design promotes employee wellbeing through natural elements, such as wood. It’s true. We spend 90 percent of our lives…

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Flexibility in Healthcare Environments

Babies born today live to be about 79 years old, yet just about 30 years ago, the average U.S. life…

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Sales Team Hosts Appreciation Cookout

Our Workplace Advisors and Design Team are the ones that make the most contact with our customers during the process…

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CEO Awarded Order of the Palmetto

  Greenville, SC: 1 May 2019, Thomas “Tommy” R. Young III, CEO of Young Office Environments, was awarded the Order of…

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